“Creating Hope Through Action”


Above is this year’s theme as we mark the effort of the United Nations to intervene and slow down the tide of untimely death through suicide. Creating the awareness that suicide is not an answer to life’s struggles is no longer for the mass media to champion but every body’s responsibility. Suicide as it is known today does not have boundaries as the rich, the poor, the educated, the non-educated etc, can become the next victim but we remain resolute and say – NO TO SUICIDE. But why do people commit suicide? We do not know. No research has been able to find a clear answer. In fact, the best research finding in this field reveals that the real reason why people commit suicide resides in the bosom of the suicide victims unfortunately, he/she is gone with no one to know the reason.

The caption “Creating Hope Through Action” is the best approach to further sensitizing our world that suicide is not an answer and can be prevented. We held a massive rally at the water front of the popular Jabi Lake in Abuja Nigeria where we shared printed materials and interacted with picnickers one-on-one with the (UN) message. A picnicker told one of our team-members that if he is given money, the issue of suicide ideation will be a thing of the past. Mindsets like this exist in the public and private domains but does not answer all the root factor questions. Latest statistics in Nigeria still shows that recorded cases of suicide in the country have weighted more among the rich and the educated. We agree with the United Nation’s theme of “Creating Hope Through Action”. When appropriate and actionable Hope is created, a suicidal person can be slowed down, time can be bought through such delays till what is hoped for is made available and the option of suicide is totally erased.

We join other organizations all over the world to shout;    



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