20TH June 2020

The Scourge of Rape and protecting the girl-child

The Association of Christian Counsellors of Nigeria presented a virtual Zoom lecture on The Scourge of Rape and protecting the girl-child. It was a near emotional session as the lecturer Mrs Ezinwanne Etta discussed the social and psychological issues involved in rape including the disbelief of victims’ stories, the blame and the stigmatization of the rape survivor. Rape was presented as the an injurious act that not only injures physically but spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. Rev Dr. Ronald King in the second session discussed the mental health issues associate with rape and the internal crisis a survivor goes through which if not diagnosed and attended to in a timely manner could result in PTSD and even suicide. Appropriate counseling and psychotherapeutic models were presented to participants, which included healthcare workers, counselors, school teachers and other members of the public.

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Topic:  The Scourge of Rape  &  Protecting the Girl Child

Presenter:  Mrs Ezinwanne Eta

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Ronald King

Date: 20th June 2020

Time: 8 p.m – 9 p.m

Time: Jun 20, 2020 08:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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