‘CAREER GUIDANCE & Tertiary Education In Nigeria’


Over 2 million candidates wrote the last JAMB/UME entrance examination for admission into the nation’s tertiary institutions. However, some of those who passed this entry exam will not gain admission into their preferred first-degree career courses because of lack of understanding of how the structured admission procedure, Senior Secondary School subjects’ combination and the choice of a tertiary institution could affect a candidate’s admission for tertiary education in Nigeria. The book, ‘Career Guidance & Tertiary Education In Nigeria’ is federally reviewed by the Education Resource Center and approved by the Federal Ministry of Education that gives its readers internal administrative guidance on what to do to successfully make a career-choice of best fit and gain admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria.
’Career Guidance & Tertiary Education In Nigeria’ and its earlier editions is a product of over 25 years of research and updates containing 112 well illustrated pages. It;
Gives a student holistic and systematic information for the discovery of the self, and the discovery of the world of work for informed career profiling and choice-making.
Gives answers to the hottest questions about admission procedures into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
Gives reasons why you must make a work-based choice of a course to study in a tertiary institution. Providing solution to the challenge of graduate unemployment.
Brings the Student, the Teacher, the Guidance Counsellor and the Parent to the discussion table thereby, providing solution to the challenge of career imposition on the student.
Lists all the Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics, Colleges of Education, Allied tertiary institutions in Nigeria as at January 2022. A careful selection of the subjects you will write during your SSCE exam and your preferred tertiary institution could boost your admission efforts; and this book shows you what to do. This is a helpful book for Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora, and an excellent material for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagements in communities by corporate organizations.
In the words of Dr. (Mrs.) Tolu Ajayi; Ph.D (Chemical Engineering.) and Lecturer at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

“This exceptional book gives answers to some of the hot questions on the career choice making process and tertiary admission issues and provides almost everything career guidance counsellors, coaches, and other career professionals need to help SSS students to successfully plan for entry into tertiary institutions and by extension, into the world of work”.

‘The Smart Child’ is a career guidance awareness book researched and published for Junior Secondary 1 – 3 students and has been reviewed by the ERC, arm of the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja. The book gives complete career awareness needed by students at the JSS level and is approved as the No 1 book – (MAIN TEXT) in this category by the ministry.

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‘The Smart Child’


‘The Smart Child’ a book that gives the needed career awareness to the grade 6 to 9 children. Written in an interestingly story-telling format.

“The Smart Child” is also federally reviewed and is in the Approved texts for Career Guidance for JSS 1-3 students in the FCT.

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