‘Guide To Tertiary Education In Nigeria’


Over 2 million candidates wrote the last JAMB/UME entrance examination for admission into the nation’s tertiary institutions. However, some of those who passed this entry exam will not gain admission into their preferred first degree courses because of lack of understanding of how the structured admission procedures and the choice of a tertiary institution could affect a candidate’s admission for tertiary education in Nigeria. This book gives its readers internal administrative guidelines to boost admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria.
‘Guide To Tertiary Education In Nigeria’ is a product of 6 years of research containing 112 well illustrated pages. It;

In the words of Dr. (Mrs.) Tolu Ajayi; Ph.D (Chemical Engineering.) and Lecturer at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

“This exceptional book gives answers to some of the hot questions on the career choice making process and tertiary admission issues and provides almost everything career guidance counsellors, coaches, and other career professionals need to help individuals to help individuals successfully plan for entry into tertiary institutions and by extension, into the world of work”.
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‘The Smart Child’


‘The Smart Child’ a book that gives the needed career awareness to the grade 6 to 9 children. Written in an interestingly story-telling format.

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