About Us


The Association of Christian Counsellors of Nigeria (ACCNIG) was incorporated in 2008 with the aim to obey the scriptural instruction to administer holistic Christian counselling to all seeking persons, God’s way. The field of counselling is as diverse as human needs and challenges are.

We are poised to harness the available resources to us to confront the issue of counselling in Nigeria. While we try our best at care-giving, we will not relent in our bid to raise a team of dedicated professionals who would be relied upon to network with one another to create awareness and engage in the work of Christian counselling around the country.

To this effect, trained professionals, Pastors and trained Christian counsellors and professional counsellors with Christian persuasion would be engaged for this great task. We will fully engage ourselves in training and retraining through seminars, workshops and conferences till our aims, visions and objectives are achieved in the long term.


Our Aim


Our Vission