The 62nd Session of the Commission for Social Development conference officially opened on 5th February 2024 and ran successfully till today the 14th of February 2024 with the Priority theme: “Fostering social development and social justice through social policies to accelerate progress on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to achieve the overarching goal of poverty eradication”. Incidentally, today is also St. Valentine’s Day and we extend love, selfless service to humanity, happiness and joy to all peoples all over the world “WITH NO ONE LEFT OUT”.

Yes, it is with “No one left out”. Speaker upon speaker at the Conference Room 4 of the United Nations Headquarters in New York and at the various Side Events’ meetings articulated the efforts they have and are making towards achieving the UN agenda 2030. The overriding aim of the topics presented at the conference centered on Inclusiveness, whether they were on Social and Fiscal Policies, Homelessness, Housing, Poverty eradication, Women’s Right to Land and Habitat etcetera. Great references were made on the impact of the above sub-themes and topics on mental health issues. Speakers were also unequivocal that the current gender gap that seems to be widening must be closed. There was a sense of urgency by the speakers, realizing that 2030 is simply by the corner, to actualize the stated SDGs.

On the 7th of February was our day as our Main Representative to the United Nations for the Association of Christian Counsellors of Nigeria (ACCN), and Senior Adviser, WorldWIDE Network Nigeria, Rev Dr Ronald O. King, was one of the speakers at the Side Event themed; “Inclusive Social and Fiscal Policies: Key to achieving Poverty Eradication and Women’s right to Land and Habitat” which held at the conference Room A of the UN Hq. New York. He spoke on the sub-theme; “The Role of Cooperatives and Private Sector in Accelerating Poverty Reduction and Ensuring Women’s Rights to Land and Habitat”. With three (3) delegates from the Association of Christian Counsellors of Nigeria to the 62nd Session conference, we were able to cover the Main and Side Events that held and participated actively during the Civil Society Forum on 9th February 2024.

For us in the Association of Christian Counsellors of Nigeria, a major take away is the passion and commitment by various individuals, governments, NGOs, Civil Society organizations and various speakers towards the betterment of our world. Position papers from various speakers will guide decision making in the UN and those decisions will affect the entire human race.

We are solidly in support of the UN’s inclusive agenda and call on well meaning individuals, governments, the corporate world, Civil society organizations and NGOs around the world to rise in support of the UNs SDG goals to achieve them.

Rev Dr. Ronald O. King                                                                                                                                                                       (President & Main Representative to the United Nations for the Association of Christian Counsellors of Nigeria).


The 62nd Commission Conference in pictures:  

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