International Men’s Day is celebrated yearly on 19th November. It aims at highlighting the importance of helping men and boys to manage their mental health. This year’s event was organized by a concerned mother, Nguumbur L. Oritsejafor and CEO of ‘Mind Your Self Mental Health Initiatives (MYSMHI) for the men. The organizer approached the 2023 theme, ‘Zero Male Suicide’, with a sub-topic – the ‘Therapeutic approaches to navigating balance and wellbeing.’ To the organizer, men are confronted and impacted by myriads of issues that could cause loss of hope and self-esteem which can be root causes of male suicide. It was a very interactive meeting. Facilitators handled the following topics;

1) Stress management

2) Family dynamics

3) Financial burden

4) Pain of separation

5) Balancing work and family

6) Therapeutic approaches to navigating balance and wellbeing.

Various treatment approaches were provided by our Rep to this summit. The various sessions were well attended by both male and female attendees and covered by the media including television houses. It ended with a question-and-answer session while participants were encouraged to press their palms on a water-soluble paint and press same on a plain white paper on which they wrote their impressions of the father or male figures in their lives.


Picture view of the event;

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