Our Theme: Libralising Digital Education

According to the English dictionary, education is;

“The process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment.” It went on to say that;

“A good teacher is essential for a good education.”

The world is where it is today because of the efforts of teachers both at the formal and the informal levels of learning. Education has held per time from ancient times to the current digital technology era.The United Nations attached so much importance to digital technology in education and created a full session on“Digital Inclusion in Education and Social Protection for All”during the Virtual 59th Commission for Social Development – CSocD59 conference which held on 9th February 2021. Although there was much effort at various levels discussing digital inclusion for all, it was also obvious that some groups may be left out due to low-level education and the cost of digital technology which forms the main thrust of our contribution today.Of courseit is common knowledge that the level of education one gets depends on the person’s ability to pay for it.The big questiontherefore is,how digital inclusiveness could be achieved at all levels of education without excluding anyone. I addition to finding a definitive answer to digital inclusion in education for all, we wish to suggestion the following;

  1. Continuous engagement with the creators of digital technologies for sustainable technologies that can be affordable to all.
  2. Continuous engagement with governments for humane legislations that could assist the cheaper deployment of digital technologies that aid education in educational institutions and the liberalisation of digital education to accommodation all groups without excluding anyone.
  3. Continuous effort by governments to create and fund basic centers of knowledge in urban and rural areas for mass literacy on digital technology.
  4. Continuous use of the Mass Media to educate and enlighten every citizen on the need to acquire basic digital technology information.

As we celebrate the impact of education toour world today, it is necessary that we also remember the educators. The creators and educators on various digital technologies that drive the world today. We celebrate every teacher be they our professors, teachers at various levels of learning, mentors, coaches, trainers, consultants, religious leaders, community and family elders and parents who participate in the art of educating humanity, imparting needful knowledge, skills and ethical norms we must observe as we create value for our world andprovide solutions to society’s problems.

It is also important to note that no level of education is more important than the other because one level prepares an individual for the next level.

We, the members of the Association of Christian Counsellors of Nigeria join other organisations around the world to celebrate the United Nations Day of Education 2022.

Three hearty cheers to all educators and congratulations to everyone.

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